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The perfect holistic Spa resort in Wayanad.

Nestled among the lush landscapes of Wayanad. Maple Ash is your gateway to tranquility and rejuvenation. As a distinguished spa resort in Wayanad, Maple Ash has partnered with Jeevanam Wellness to offer an unparalleled wellness experience amidst the lush greenery of this captivating region. This collaboration brings together the expertise of Maple Ash's luxurious accommodations with Jeevanam wellness holistic approach to well-being.
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This resort’s spa services go above and beyond the standard, offering a smooth fusion of contemporary spa treatments with therapies derived from nature. Enjoy in an array of body- and mind-nourishing treatments while unwinding in the spa’s peaceful setting.

Maple Ash Spa is intended to provide a transforming experience with an emphasis on restoration and rejuvenation. Guests have access to a wide range of options from modern spa treatments to classic Ayurvedic therapies, all carefully selected by Jeevanam Wellness. The knowledgeable therapists make sure that every session is customized to meet the needs of the client, encouraging a healthy balance between mental and physical health.

As a leading Spa Resort in Wayanad, Maple Ash provides a holistic escape for those seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The resort’s serene surroundings complement the wellness offerings, creating a haven for relaxation. Whether guests are looking for a weekend getaway or a longer retreat, Maple Ash’s Spa in Wayanad promises an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of our therapeutic packages to escape from the worries of daily life. Our curriculum, which includes everything from soothing morning flows to tranquil evening meditations, is designed to help you reach your highest level of mental, emotional, and physical wellness.Our specialty is creating a harmonious balance between the property’s design and the experiences we provide for our visitors

The way Maple Ash and Jeevanam collaborate enhances the idea of Wayanad spa resorts. With its flawless fusion of opulent lodging, gorgeous scenery, and top-notch wellness amenities, Maple Ash is a top choice for anybody looking for a spa in Wayanad. You  may enjoy in opulent lodging that will make you feel revitalized. We reenergize the cosmos within ourselves by getting back in touch with nature. Here, a route to re-energize yourself is more important than opulent accommodations and luxuries.

Come, redefine your idea of relaxation by escaping the everyday routine and spending time at Maple Ash. We cordially encourage you to set off on a transforming journey towards wellness and tranquility and discover the true spirit of a Wayanad spa resort..